Photos from one of our biggest fans…at Disneyland!

Miss Caroline is among the most faithful fans the Oakland East Bay Gay Men’s Chorus has ever found. Caroline and her compadres from Oakland have been cheering us on for season after season and Caroline is always eager for whatever we might cook up next.


By some strange coincidence, Part of Their World leads directly to another of Caroline’s favorite subjects: ANYTHING DISNEY! It’s a miracle!


So when asked for a guest blog post from friends of the chorus, here’s what Caroline proposed: a Pictorial Travelogue.


She’s on her way to Disneyland for one of several annual visits. Here’s a series shots as Caroline warms up for the concerts July 21 & 22. Enjoy!



Caroline having a blast at Disneyland!


How about a selfie!


Tale as old as time. True as it can be. Barely even friends…then somebody bends…unexpectedly.


The seaweed is always greener In somebody else’s lake. You dream about going up there. But that is a big mistake. Just look at the world around you right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things around you…what more is you lookin’ for?


Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun. Wanderin’ free, wish I could be…Part of that world.