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Oakland East Bay Gay Men’s Chorus is starting a new community music school that will offer private and group voice coaching.  Any age, any skill level.  Lessons tailored to your needs. Location near Ashby BART.

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Qualified Teacher. With more than a decade of experience coaching vocal music, playing piano, composing, and conducting choirs, Billy Lawley has the ability to teach any artist to improve technically in their craft.

Convenience of Payment. We accept major credit cards or check.

Vocal Coaching allows intermediate and advance singers to be coached in stylistic norms and to attach solid technique and stage presence appropriate to those stylistic norms.

Voice Lessons develop the whole singer and musician through vocal technique and musical artistry in relation to the style being studied. Ages 10 and up. All skill levels and styles accepted.

Beginning Piano instruction addresses basics of piano technique for beginners and will include the development of basic musicianship skills. Ages 4 and up.

Keyboarding Improvisation instruction focuses on filling out a keyboard part in the absence of written music. Pre-requisite: Ability to read music and basic keyboard facility. Includes playing from lead sheets, chord charts, folksong books, and pop vocal scores.

Conducting instruction caters to areas appropriate to the individual, from pattern to musicality, from score study to rehearsal prep. For advanced students, opportunities to use OEBGMC or OnQ as a lab choir may be available.

Group Voice Lessons allow individuals to learn the basics of singing in a group setting. In addition to being an economical option, this package is also ideal beginning voice students.

Music Literacy instruction nurtures reading and aural skills with the goal of application to equipping you to learn music more quickly and to make you a better performer.


Minimum of 6 students per course required. For each hour in class, students should plan on an additional hour of outside work. Each level includes 10 hours of class instruction. For each level, a completion activity will be assigned to demonstrate competency for moving ahead to the next level. Schedule to be determined by the group’s availability. Each level incorporates four components:

  • written music theory,
  • minimal keyboard facility (dependent on individual interest and ability),
  • ear training/listening development, and
  • sight singing facility.

Level 1: Music Notation and Scales ($100 + materials)

The basics of music notation and scales are drilled. By the end of this level, the student should be able to identify basic notes, rhythms and scales by sight; feel a beginning comfort in performing a major and minor scale, tapping or singing basic rhythmic patterns.

Level 2: Intervals, Chords, & Cadences ($100 + materials)

The basics of intervals, chords (blocked and arpeggiated), and basic cadences are learned. By the end of this level, the student should be able to identify basic intervals by sight and by ear, identify quality of basic triads (major, minor, diminished, and augmented) by sight and ear, and identify basic common cadences in major and minor keys by sight and ear. The student should also be able to identify the basic quality of chords in major and minor keys, as well as the primary function of each note (and its associated chord) in the scale. By the end, the student should be able to sight read simple melodies.

Level 3: Time and Key Signatures, Transposition ($125 + materials)

The basics of time signatures, key signatures, and transposition are covered. By the end of this level, students should be able to identify by sight and ear, as well as, perform basic rhythms in any time or key signature. The student will learn about sequencing and transposition via clefs and across instrument types. The student will spend a large amount of time applying knowledge of levels 1-3 to melodic and rhythmic dictation, as well as to sight-singing studies, mostly with step-wise motion.

Level 4: Transposition, Vocabulary, and Basic Analysis ($125 + materials)

The student’s applied knowledge of levels 1-3 will continue while the material will continue to cover complex transposition, cover basic music expression and technique jargon, and a basic introduction to form and analysis. The student should be able to give a basic definition for basic music terminology and to give a brief harmonic analysis and formal overview to a basic folk song or hymn tune. In addition, the student should be more adept at notating upon hearing and singing upon reading a basic melody, including small skips and leaps.


Convenience of Payment. We accept major credit cards or check.


Individual Instruction:

30 minutes – $40.00

45 minutes – $55.00

60 minutes – $65.00

Group instruction (minimum of 6 students):  $15.00/person for 90 minutes

Please read the Studio Policy document for additional information

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